Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Cookie makers and bakers of all you ever have a FAIL?  Meet mine. 
The iFail.
Our family was finishing up our month-long test drive of the Chevy Malibu and I was so excited to make little iPod cookies to celebrate the fabulous sound system.

Well, these are not the cookies that were in my head.  The screen is too small and therefore my plan for what to put on the screen didn't work.  No matter what I did to them, they just didn't look cute...and I like my cookies cute. These cookies? Blah.

Oh, and did I mention the royal icing dried all splotchy?  No?  Well, it did.
I *almost* didn't post these, but thought, surely, someone out there can share in my misery. (And, believe me, there are a lot more fails where these came from!)

So, tell me, do you have a cookie decorating or baking fail?  Want to share?
{C''ll feel better sharing!}
{PS...the sounds system in the Chevy Malibu....NOT a fail.  It was one of our favorite features of the car. Bose speakers, XM radio, AND iPod input!  We are missing our new car!  And you can learn more at Gotta Love Chevy Houston.}

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