Friday, January 27, 2012

True Love

Ah, romance. 
These cookies were inspired by some of the most famous romances in history.

Lucy & Ricky....obviously.

Danny & a young girl, I was fairly certain I would don a leather outfit and high heels & sing "You're the One that I Want" at a carnival with my true love.
{It hasn't happened. YET.}

Homer & Marge...unconditional love if I've ever seen it.

Ken & Barbie...have you SEEN Toy Story 3?

Jim & Pam...I've only seen a few seasons of The Office on cable, but Jim & Pam are SO DARN SWEET!  Oh, I just love them.

Carrie & Big...don't tell me if they break up in the movies.  I prefer my Carrie/Big memories right where they ended for me, with the last TV show.

Gomez & Morticia...they just might be my all-time favorite TV romance.  Go back and watch The Addams Family again.  They make me smile EVERY time! ♥

I asked Mr. E if he could name some famous couples.  His first response? "Charles and Diana."  My (yelled) reply, "CHARLES AND DIANA?!?"  He looked at me like I was the crazy one.  After he explained himself for a minute, it occurred to me.  "Do you mean William and Kate?!?"  Him: "Yes."  Men.

No true love list would be complete without Rhett & Scarlett.  Every time I read Gone with the Wind, I hope they'll run across the yard at Tara and into each other's arms.  It never happens.  Darn it.

I had a few more on my list (Elvis & Priscilla, Fred & Wilma, Han & Leia, PW & MM, Roy & Dale) but as is always the case with "writing" on cookies, I had several mistakes.  Even on the "good ones,"  my handwriting is not as cute as it was in my head. :)

These are as simple as an outline and fill with royal icing...
  • I used AmeriColor Super Black for the outline and writing,
  • #3 tip for the outline, #1 tip for the writing,
  • hearts: soft pink, deep pink mixed with electric pink, and super red (all AmeriColor)
  • to avoid bleeding, I let the flooded hearts sit for a few hours before adding the names
Easy, peasy.

Actually, I liked the way they looked plain, too.  Simple black outline.  Love it every time.

What names would you put on YOUR true love cookies?

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