Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yes, you CAN freeze decorated cookies...Works for Me Wednesday

We've talked about it before, but for some reason over this last two weeks, I've had SO many questions about freezing cookies, I thought it was time to have "the talk" again.

YES!  You can freeze cookies decorated with royal icing! 

YES!  You can freeze baked cookies that are not decorated!

YES!  You can freeze the dough before baking!

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!!! 
{And kiddo thinks all I can say is, "no."}

If you happen to follow along on Instagram, you might have noticed that over the last several weeks, I've been making a kajillion horse cookies.  They're Kentucky Derby horses, and they're for a charity event.
{You can read more about it and get the cookie tutorial here.}

Since I don't have room to decorate a kajillion cookies all at one time....we sometimes need to use our kitchen and dining room tables for homework, folding laundry, and you know, eating...I've learned to take on projects like this little-by-little.

These instructions are for cookies decorated with royal icing, if you're freezing unbaked cookies, just don't decorate them first.  I guess you knew that.

Let the cookies dry completely overnight.

TWO. Either individually bag and tie the cookies, or place them in freezer bags.

THREE. Stack the bags in a freezer-safe container.  Not only will this give them an added layer of protection, it will keep them from getting crushed by an unwieldy box of corn dogs.

FOUR. Freeze.

When ready to use, thaw in the container and bags at ROOM TEMPERATURE for several hours.  Never thaw in the refrigerator.  Condensation can ruin the icing.

How long can you freeze them? 
This goes for iced cookies, plain cookies and dough....I think they're best used within 3-6 months.  I have, however, tested cookies after being in my freezer for a year.  Still good. :)

{This only applies to sugar cookies decorated with royal icing, not glazes or buttercream.}

OK...I need to get these babies back in the freezer...

Freezing cookies....it works for me!

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