Friday, April 23, 2010

University of Cookie has taken me a few, well, 6 months, but I did it.

When I posted a survey back in October to find out what YOU wanted, it never occurred to me that you might say videos. But you did...or some of you did.

So, I present to you my first how-to video. I thought it would be easier to put all of the videos in one place on a new blog called University of Cookie!!!

Disclaimer #1:
University of Cookie is looking a little plain right now, but will be much cuter once the fabulous Jessica of The Frilly Coconut gets a hold of it!

Disclaimer #2:
Isn't it always a little disappointing when you've pictured someone in your head and then you SEE them and think...."that's not what they look like!"

Well, you're about to see and HEAR me. I have my apron tied a little too high, my hair is a mess and so on and so on. In my mind, I looked a little bit more like this:

(photo source:

So feel free to picture Giada in my place.

{Except for you, honey.}

So, pop on over to University of Cookie!!! And, boy, do I have some talented bakers who are going to join me there from time to time. Come see!

Tell me....what other cookie decorating videos would you find helpful?

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